I went to the library and….

2 Jul

I picked up some really great picture books! I can’t wait to get these into our library! Meet Me at the Moon is the first book I read. It’s a very sweet story about an elephant whose mother has to leave to call for rain. How will Little One know where her mother is? Will Little One know that her mother still loves her when she’s gone? The illustrations in this book are beautiful!

Homer, the Library Cat and Neville are also fun and unusual. Homer is a quiet cat, but he is having a hard time finding a quiet place. You’ll never guess where Homer finally finds the quiet he craves! 🙂 I also really enjoyed Neville because it’s a story about a boy whose family has just moved, and he has had to leave everything behind. How will he make friends. Will he fit in? Find out his clever plan in this book!

My favorite book in this bunch is Z is for Moose. It starts off like a regular ABC book, but when Moose realizes he isn’t on the M page, things get a little zany! If you are looking for a quick laugh, this is the perfect book to snack on!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures at the public library – and let me know what you find there, too!



One Response to “I went to the library and….”

  1. Anonymous September 12, 2012 at 10:40 pm #

    I am so glad you like Moose! And thank you so much forsuch a wonderful review!

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