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Baseball Anyone?

7 Jul

Baseball Hall of Fame
So far this summer, I have been on two exciting adventures! My first adventure was a trip to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was very cool to see all uniforms, bats, cleats, and lockers of famous baseball players. They also had a large collection of old baseball cards, which reminded me of Dan Gutman’s Baseball Card Adventures series. If you are into baseball, these books will be right up your alley! Here is a description of the first book in the series, Honus & Me, From Dan Gutman’s website:

Honus & MeWhile cleaning out an old lady’s attic, a boy finds the most valuable baseball card in the world – the 1909 Honus Wagner T-206. He also discovers he has the power to travel through time, using baseball cards as his time machine. So he goes back to 1909 and has an adventure with the great Honus Wagner.

Baseball cards as time machines?! Awesome! Joe’s adventures continue with Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, and more! If your favorite snacks are ballpark hot dogs and popcorn, this series is the one for you!

More on my second adventure soon! 🙂