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A Solar Eclipses and a Time-traveling Toy Train?

21 Jul

Hello, my friends! It is so exciting to see so many students coming to Book Snacks to check it out! Thanks for stopping by again!

I have been reading like CrAzY the past week or so, and I wanted to catch you up on the books I’ve read. The first book is by an author that was recommended on this very site in the comments. I knew I had to read something by Wendy Mass this summer, so I chose Every Soul a Star, a book that I’d been eyeballing, but have been unable to read because it’s always checked out of our library!

Every Soul a StarI am not surprised that this book was totally fantastic. So many students told me I HAD to read this book, I knew it would be great. I was surprised, however, at the story! I thought it would just be a story about two girls who don’t want to move figuring out that it is going to be just fine. I was wrong – it’s so much more than that.

Ally and Bree could not be more opposite. Ally’s family runs a campground, Moon Shadow, in the middle of nowhere. Her parents are scientists, and they’ve been preparing for the solar eclipse that is about to happen for years. She can’t even think about living anywhere else. Bree lives in the city, is super popular, and really can’t be bothered with all that “science” stuff. She’s into being popular, not smart. One day, Bree finds out that she is moving so that her parents can conduct research. When she finds out what her new home is like, she is absolutely mortified – she can’t live away from her best friend and become a model if she’s living at Moon Shadow!

But there’s a third story to tell, too: Jack’s story. Jack is offered a trip to the solar eclipse instead of attending summer school, which sounds like a pretty good deal. He’s nervous because he thinks he doesn’t know anything about science, but decides to make the trip with his science teacher anyway.

How will Bree adjust to living “in the sticks”? How will Ally every find the strength to say goodbye? And how does Jack fit in? I really loved the way these three stories came together, and I loved how much I learned about science, too! This book is a good choice for some 3rd graders and most 4th and 5th graders. This is the perfect Book Snack if your family is headed to a science museum this summer, or if you have a backyard to lay outside and gaze up at the stars! 🙂

On the Blue CometThe other book I read that I loved is On the Blue Comet, by Rosemary Wells. It is 1929, and Oscar Ogilvie lives with his father in Cairo, Illinois. In their basement is a huge layout with Lionel toy trains which they are always working on together. Then, tragedy strikes and the stock market crash causes the Great Depression. Oscar’s father has to go to California to find work, and Oscar must live with his prickly Aunt Carmen. I can’t tell too much more without giving this one away because the adventure is non-stop! I couldn’t put it down! I think students in grades 4 – 6 would enjoy this science-fiction novel. (Did you know this book is sci-fi from the cover or description? Probably not!) If you are traveling this summer, even if it’s not on a train, be sure to take this book snack with you! It will make you wonder where – and when – you are headed. 🙂
That’s not all, though! I’ve also read The Goodbye Time, by Celeste Conway and Gifts From the Sea, by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock. I also read Shooting Kabul, by Right now, I’m reading the second Trackers book, Shantorian, by Patrick Carman and Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat, by Lynne Jonell. What are YOU reading? 🙂


Baseball Anyone?

7 Jul

Baseball Hall of Fame
So far this summer, I have been on two exciting adventures! My first adventure was a trip to Cooperstown, NY to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was very cool to see all uniforms, bats, cleats, and lockers of famous baseball players. They also had a large collection of old baseball cards, which reminded me of Dan Gutman’s Baseball Card Adventures series. If you are into baseball, these books will be right up your alley! Here is a description of the first book in the series, Honus & Me, From Dan Gutman’s website:

Honus & MeWhile cleaning out an old lady’s attic, a boy finds the most valuable baseball card in the world – the 1909 Honus Wagner T-206. He also discovers he has the power to travel through time, using baseball cards as his time machine. So he goes back to 1909 and has an adventure with the great Honus Wagner.

Baseball cards as time machines?! Awesome! Joe’s adventures continue with Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Roberto Clemente, and more! If your favorite snacks are ballpark hot dogs and popcorn, this series is the one for you!

More on my second adventure soon! 🙂